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Bison Grass Vodka

Yes my lovelies, time to tell you all about my new favorite cocktail and one that is picture perfect for summer.  And now BevMo in Southern California carries it, Bison Grass Vodka from Poland.  It sounds kitschy, but trust me, it has a very mellow flavor and is quite good, for Vodka.

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Now first and foremost, I am not a Vodka drinker.  And think that all those frilly flavored Vodkas are well, for the frilly.  And Vodka for the most part is a rather dull uninspired drink.  I will only have it when I am making a Vesper Martini.  And even then, it is only jigger’s worth to three of Gin.  Because people, I hate to break the news, but a Real Martini, has been, and only will be made with Gin.  A Vodka Martini is a travesty.

But while over in Iceland in February, I was quite taken with this Bison Grass Vodka.  And it wasn’t just the novelty.  It actually was quite good.  And not in any regular mixed drink, but mixed with Apple Juice.  Yes, you heard more, don’t touch that remote, Apple Juice.  I, like you probably are right now, was highly suspect.  We were at a Rock and Roll bar, and it was filled with a mix of Punks, Rockers and Hipsters. The music was loud, and the overall vibe was quite fun.  So low and behold as we see all these people getting cocktails and the finishing touch was from those little Apple Juice cans you got in your lunch oh so many years ago.  One of our local friends was drinking one, Bison Grass Vodka and Apple Juice.  No name for it, no wink and nudge to get one,  just Bison Grass Vodka and Apple Juice.  But we were all skeptical, till one person after another tried it, and fell in love.  The Vodka was ice cold, and the flavor of the Bison Grass mixed with the Apple Juice was divine.  Cold, crisp, refreshing. Perfect for an afternoon of grilling in Southern California.  But be warned dear readers, it can be quite delicious, and it is very, very smooth.  Some people found that out the next day, what with their headaches causing them to miss a snow mobile trip.  Yes, this drink goes down EASY.  One after another, after another………..