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Well first off, get your head out of the gutter.  I’m talking KING CRAB, DUNGENESS, and all things ALASKAN CRAB!!!

Menu at Tracy’s Crab Shack

What I’m talking about here, is Tracy’s Crab Shack in Juneau, Alaska.  I was up that way to take a small family cruise, and we left out of Juneau.  An amazing town in it’s own right.  You get to see why they call this state the Last Frontier.  But I digress, crabs.

Let me start with just two words.  Crab Bisque.  Thoughts of warm coziness in liquid form should fill your head.  Imagine a warm fuzzy blanket, an oversized arm chair, and a roaring, crackling fire while it’s snowing outside.  That to me is Bisque. Like the Lobster Bisque I had in Reykjavik along the harbor, in March of 2011.  It’s more than soup.  It’s more than just plain food.  It’s a state of mind.  Well this Bisque they do up at Tracy’s, is outstanding.  Not too rich, not too creamy, not too fishy.  Just the right amount of everything.  So tasty, ohh so tasty.

Now just imagine how good that Bisque is if I mention it before the Fresh King Crab Legs.

Fresh Bering Sea King Crab Legs

Crab Legs don’t get any fresher than Bering Sea King Crab served in Juneau.  Lightly steamed till perfectly done.  Served with melted butter and a fresh roll.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  No way to improve on it.  As long as you have a draft of Alaska Brewing Company Beer you are good to go.  Oh ya, of course there is Alaska Brew on tap here.

Then there is Crab Roll.  Fresh Crab shredded on a fresh roll with a simple cole slaw.   Perfection.  The sandwich is overflowing with delicious-ness.  It is outstandingly good.   Just like everything else here.  You can’t possibly go wrong.  I mean even the cole slaw on this sandwich is done perfectly, not too much mayo, just the right amount.

Everything here is great.  Well at least all the above.  The crab cakes aren’t too bad either.  But of all these items, it’s my least favorite.  But that’s like trying to pick my least favorite chocolate ice cream.  It’s STILL good.   I mean, come on, it’s crab cakes made with fresh crab.  And they add a nice amount of spice and heat.  They are quite tasty, and a nice little size, just slightly bigger than bite size.  An excellent side dish.


And fyi, my favorite Alaskan Brew is their White.   Try one today.