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I have not had time to be working on this site lately!  Sorry Folks.

But I have gone one better and have been working on my own Travel Photography Food site where I’m writing about my trip to Iceland.  Just got back late late late Monday and spent most of yesterday in jet lag hangover mode.  The free Scotch for 7 hours from Reykjavik to connection in Seattle was maybe part.  I’m sorry but going West and it keeps getting sunnier and sunnier.  I could not sleep.  And IcelandAir has only the best selection of movies.  And their 1st/uber:business class does not have seats that recline all the way.  So I consoled myself by pounding all the scotch the plane had.  And I mean ALL the scotch.  The flight attendant had to make me pick a new liquor.  So I took……… Gin.   What better than a G&T at 35,000 feet to make you feel at home.

Anyways. I will tell more about my culinary conquests in the land of ice and snow and great food…..

For now, follow my exploits at