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Marin County Farms Pork Chops!

Marin Farms Pork Chops in Iron Skillet! on Twitpic” alt=”Chops” />

Well it’s been ages since I had some spare time to update here. But don’t be scared, as I have still been eating and drinking and cooking my face off. My regular job in the TV world has taken up too much time. But it is offering me many new oppurtunites to get me out of
that world and into food, wine and libations full time!

But in the meantime yesterday I cooked a mean bone in pork chop.
Normally I go to my buddy Nathan at
Or too my other favorite butcher, the lovely ladies over at
But since it was Monday, they are both closed.
So what is a consummate chef and meat lover to do??! Go to Vons or Ralphs? Heresy! One of my new favorite stores in the neighborhood, Echo Park that is, is Cookbook on Echo Park Bvld. They have an amazing rotation of foodstuffs! They carry Marin Farms meat, which is what I went for. And found two amazing Chops. Also scored some fresh Arugula and Golden Beets.

Also got a fantastic cow milk cheese from Cypress Grove.
These chops were too amazing to do anything too except salt and
pepper. I used some fresh sea salt, cracked organic black pepper and my special mix of smoked salt and various peppercorns.
Can’t presently upload my picture. But trust me it was stellar.

When dealing with A suburb piece of meat, simple is best. Don’t over
think it. Don’t thing you have to buy, or make some fancy marinade or sauce! Let the meat speak for itself!!

So I S/P the meat and let it set out to come up to room temperature. And the best way if not on the grill?? In a cast iron skillet. I had some real black truffle butter and some regular European style butter. With only a small dab of each I brought the skillet up to temp. And luckily I had made some sausage potatoes
in it last time, so all those lovely flavors were still in there. I put each side over heat for about 4 mins each. Then put whole skillet in oven at 225 degrees for about 10 mins.

And it comes out absolutely mouth watering! Let it rest a couple minutes and wah-la! Done!

In other dishes, warm up beets in oven with a little oil wrapped in foil. Wait for them to be fork soft, then cool, peel and chop for salad! I diced a shallot super thin, added one of my last heirloom
tomatoes, a couple slices of that cheese salt, pepper and a small amount of red wine vinegar and walnut oil!!