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P5 Pork Burger!

So my P5 Pork Burger that I had entered in the LA Times Food Battle of the Burgers came in 15th place from the Facebook voting section.  Of course it had nothing to do with the actual taste, so luckily had many good friends who kept me in the running.  Now the Food lovers down at the Time Food Test Kitchen will try all the recipes of the top 20 and then move some of us on to be featured in their 4th of July Food Section Burger Special!

Here is the link to today’s results.


Basically the P5 is unlike any other burger you’ve ever had.  The patty is made from four different types of Pork, and then wrapped in thick Prosciutto.  Grilled to absolute perfection and then covered with a delicious slice of Spanish Basque Cow/Sheep milk called Pilota.

It is one of my greatest creations ever.  Stay tuned for more, and check into LA Times Food

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Stay tuned for more!

I have all kinds of great Burger recipes.  And remember the key to a great burger, is starting with great meat.  NOT all that crappy, fancy toppings.  A burger is a Burger IS A BURGER…..