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Pork Loin and Bass

So tonight in the OTC kitchen I got the grill fired up again, since the sun was out and well, the grill was just there.

Went to McCalls Meat and Fish and got a fantastic piece of Wild Striped Bass, along with a Kurobuta Pork Loin.  They both looked impeccable.

I seasoned the pork loin with a personal pork dry rub.  The secret is in the rub.  And let it set on all together for an hour in the fridge.  The Bass, I just put some Hickory smoked sea salt and mix of green, black and white peppercorns.

Int the meantime I put some mini Heirloom Tomatoes on the stove in some olive oil.  Reduced them down, and then reduced them some more.  Added a little wasabi, shallots and some really really nice chunk salt.

After it got all gooey and nice, and the flavors were loving each other, I added some white wine and some white balsamic vinegar.  After they all hung out together I added some brussel sprouts and some green beans.  Put a lid on the top and let it all simmer together for about 40 minutes.

The fish and pork went on the grill at the same time because well, they would take the same time.  The pork had no bone, and the fish was a rather thick cut.   Just watch them, and the fire, and rotate them around the heat, but not too hot.

After all this loving and grilling, here is the result

And just for some added flavor, I swirled the Pork around in the sauce the tomatoes made.  It was outstanding!