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Here are two really nice scotch whiskey’s to get you through your cold February days.

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This guy is really really smooth.  Some of the smoothest I’ve ever had.  Not very peaty, and just the right amount of smokeyness.  It is made with a lightly smoked malt and stored in Bourbon casks.  It is very light and airy both on the nose and finish.  It’s not really dense and complicated, but if you want something to come home to and have a couple fingers worth to relax, it is not bad.  I finished my bottle in no time at all.

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Now this a serious man’s Scotch.  This is not for the light of heart, or someone who doesn’t like a little kick back with their enjoyment of a glass of whiskey.  Has some slight fruit notes, and again like the Cragganmore has only slight taste of peat. It is very light on the palate, but has a bit of a bite at the end.  The finish is pure enjoyment.