Los Olivos, CA

People have a tendency to picture a small town in similar ways.  Where everyone knows each other, the diner is the center of gossip, and not much happens on a daily basis.   Well, Los Olivos is in some ways like this.  If said small, bucolic town was surrounded by some of the most fertile vineyards in all of California. It is quaint.  The locals all do know each other. They do meet up, but at the R-Country Market, and actually a lot happens on a daily basis. It is the perfect get away, if you

Mammoth Food and Wine 2014

Hey all!!  Just so as you know, this year the Mammoth Food and Wine Fest is bigger and better than ever!  Hopefully I will get to see many of you up there this year.  If you've never been, Mammoth Lakes, CA is amazingly beautiful in the summer.  (some say even nicer than the winter, but that is up for discussion).  If you have never been, this is a perfect opportunity for a visit.  There are many dining and housing options, and even the local brewery, Mammoth Brewing Company.  AND the road

Santorini and Wine

Santorini, Greece Traveling to a foreign land, especially an island is always an exciting proposition.  But your mind usually pictures the tropical islands of the Caribbean or the South Pacific.  But an island like Santorini is a whole other ball of wax.  Hot, dry and absolutely stunning.  A postcard view nearly everywhere you look.  It is the perfect storm of history, leisure, food and wine.  There is literally something for everyone.  Especially when it comes to Food and Wine!  And

Trois Mec

Hidden in a strip mall, underneath the prior occupant's pizza sign is some of the most cutting edge, flavor packed, creative dishes happening in Los Angeles at this moment.  The creative trio behind it are some of the most well-known chefs in the city.  Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo.  I'm not going to get into their history's, but these guys know a thing or two about cooking great food.  And both my times here I left very, very pleased. It is a tiny place inside, intimate, open


As you've all known, I've been studying with Dionysus, the god of Wine, and it's all not filled with fun.  There is some studying and a lot of reading to do.  And plenty of blind tastings.   Which is what you should try sometime if you have an affinity of enjoying wine.  Why not kick it up a notch?? I mean, Wine is one of the world's great beverages that has been around for centuries.  All across Europe there is evidence that people have been drinking wine for as long as there have been cultures

Mammoth Food & Wine Fest 2013

This year was the third annual Mammoth Lakes Food and Wine Fest.  It's a charity for Education and Arts in the Eastern Sierra.  And it is a lot of fun at 9000 feet above sea level.  If you've never been up to Mammoth Lakes, the summer is just as fun as winter.  You can actually climb all the hills and mountains that are normally covered in snow.  There is even some snow left if you want to hike up and see some in July.  I've actually skied on the 4th of July a few times there. Ahhh,

Los Angeles Times Winner, Steakhouse Burger, 2013

As many of you may know, I am somewhat of a Burger fanatic; both cooking my own and going out for one.   That is why people always ask me which Burgers in Los Angeles I love the most.  That is a hard one to pick since  I like many.  As a matter of fact, I like nearly every Burger.  And as much as I like other Burgers, I like some of mine of the best.  There are many people who come from near and far for my Burgers when the call goes out that I'm grilling. Which leads me to this post.  For

French Laundry

Yes, yes, yes.  OH YES.  I finally had an opportunity to dine at the mecca of West Coast Dining, Thomas Keller's ode to amazing, The French Laundry.  It has been many, many years of longing to finally get onto the hollowed grounds.  I have been by it.  I have seen the gardens.  I have had friends who have dined.  I have eaten at Ad Hoc, right down the street.   But, never ever, been inside the lovely world of Mr. Keller's old Laundry. There is almost something magical about putting

Test Kitchen LA

I had an opportunity to attend a night of fantastic food and wine downtown at this year's incantation of Test Kitchen LA. http://testkitchenla.com/. This year' s residency is downtown in the soon to be opened Italian themed Bestia. A very lovely space off 7th and Santa Fe. The inside is a nice blend of rustic and industrial, with a nice long bar upon entrance. So to start why not indulge in one of the nights special cocktails. The cocktail menu was created by Julian Cox and Chris Day. The original

Superba Snack Bar!!

So I first met Chef Jason Neroni at Cochon 555 this past spring at The House of Blues. I was blown away by his amazing pasta dishes where he included to honored guest of swine. I chatted with him for a while, listening to his plans for a "snack bar" in Venice. I was very intrigued by the concept, and his cooking. I sat waiting all summer till I heard that he had finally opened. Last week, I found myself in Venice at dinner time, and secured a seat at the bar that overlooks the kitchen.