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Urbano Pizza!

Ok, I’ve just went and the meal still sits fresh in my head. My friend Anne Alderete @TunaToast Went last night to Urbano Pizza Bar and said it was fantastic! So today I just had to go. Tell me about a brand new pizza joint that makes traditional Italian crispy thin crust pizza and I’m all over it!

Well it did not disappoint. Not in the bit. Actually took my by surprise. This crust is so flavorful and so perfectly done, I’m at a loss for words. The whole set up is lovely. Plenty of seating, even during the lunch rush, when I showed up. Walk up to the bar, order, pay, get a number and sit down. Easy Peazy. There is a very respectable list of draft beers and a small wine list. Just right for a simple pizzeria. I opted for the Craftsman Lager. Nothing too heavy before having a pizza pie. I also opted for the spicy sausage pie with egg on top. I love eggs. I put eggs on a lot of things I cook. They are so versatile, and offer a depth of flavor.

Well the pie did not disappoint.  By far, after only one pie, one of my favorites in the city as of today.  Crust, perfect.  Thin but not to thin as to not be able to eat with your hands.  Flavor, fantastic, just the right amount of thin crust, sauce and cheese.  No one element overtook the others.  The sauce rivals my own as far as subtle tomato flavor.  Everything, just right.  Not too much sausage or herbs or egg.  Everything just worked.  And worked just right.  Writing this makes me want to go get another one now.  It was that good.


Super Perfect Thin Crust Pizza