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Yesterday attended the Craft Beer Bash outside the Blue Palms Brew House ( and it was Epic.

Great Divide Colette Farmhouse Ale.

This is a fantastic Beer, and loved it.  It is very smooth Ale with a nice crisp citrus finish.  Very very drinkable on a nice sunny day.

That is the one and only Brian Lenzo, owner of the aforementioned Blue Palms Brew house.  A pure genius in the Beer World.  He started Blue Palms years ago and in my opinion he helped start the Craft Beer movement here in Hollywood.  I know I heard about all kinds of different odd beers years before I heard about them anywhere else.  ( and the food at Blue Palms ain’t bad either)

Also met Tony Yanow the owner of Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank, and his lovely wife.  One of the brilliant gentleman who helps give us Angelino’s all the best in BEER.  He is also soon opening Mohawk Bend in my Hood, Echo Park! It will have OVER 65 California beers on tap, and pizza! A big ‘ol Pizza oven will be slinging walking distance from the OTC kitchen.  Until I finish building the pizza oven here, I have to go elsewhere.  This is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.  So welcome Tony! And well done with the ColLAboration!!

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And this, my favorite of the day……

Alesmith Nautical Nut Brown.  Words can not describe how absolutely amazing this was.  Soooo smooth and delicious.  Even on the warm and muggy day.

Although Brian gave me a special taste of Supplication (American Wild Ale) from the Russian River Brewing Company. It was a sour beer with lots of hints of citrus. The sourness was hard to get over, but then again if you are drinking the domestic crap, you will hate this! Again, this beer was perfect for the sunny warm day. I’ve been to the Russian River Brewers up in Healdsburg, CA, and it is all some of the best I’ve tasted to date. No wonder the line was so long at their trailer!

And this was the reason my reviews of more beers and of meeting more beer makers was cut short.  This is Washers.  A wooden board with large 3″ washers.  Object, get the washer in the hole.  We threw many many many games of this (as we kept winning)

So all in all keep on the lookout for the next ColLAboration.  They will soon start doing this on the Sunset Strip this summer on Friday and Saturday nights.

Do it, you won’t be disappointed!

Unless you drink certain terrible domestic beers, in that case,  go to TGIFridays…..