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Seriously, who doesn’t like eggs?  I could eat them in any form, at any time.  I have always been a big proponent of them, and add them to many dishes I cook.  But nothing beats a simple egg scramble, a cup of coffee and the sports page my friends.

Perfect Brown Eggs


Now at this point in time I should point out that I am a fan of the real farm fresh eggs that are laid by hens who eat what they want, walk around a barnyard, and basically live like hens should.  Not to get too political, but most of those dozens you see in most stores, where not laid by healthy fun-loving hens.  But that is neither here nor there.  Go and get some freshly laid eggs and make a simple scramble.  You will notice the difference.  These babies were brought to me by Springville Natural Happy Hens from the Green Jeans Ranch and were literally packed two days before I bought them.  I got them at Cookbook LA in Echo Park   You can also find nice eggs at most weekly farmers markets as well.  Do yourself a favor and buy some.  You will never go back.

So treat them with respect and cook them to let the egg speak.  For a simple scramble, I add just some freshly ground pepper a little Alder smoked salt, and a dash of regular sea salt.  With a fork I whip them nicely, I prefer to get a little air in there to really make them light and fluffy.  And that is all.  They will be astoundingly delicious as is.  Now heat a non-stick on low.  Because eggs cooked on low are so much better.  Trust me, slow down a little in the kitchen and stop to smell the butter.  Speaking of which, add a little butter to the pan.  Again people, I use a nice fresh butter not filled with extra crap.  Butter has been a successful ingredient for many, many years, and you don’t one filled with well, fillers.  When the butter melts and starts to almost foam, slowly pour in your eggs.

No Moleste!!!  Do not touch them and let them set.  The edges will start to form and the runniness will slowly cease moving inwards.  If there is a spot that has extra liquidy eggs, easily lift pan to spread them out evenly.  When the edges are nicely formed you can gently touch them to make sure no spots are sticking.  And make sure you heat is still on low.  When the edges are formed and free yet the center is still raw, you are ready to gently flip over and just firm up the runniness on this side.

Almost ready to flip

And as you can see, the cracked black pepper is showing, and will be oh so tasty.  Now after you flip, you can actually turn the heat off because the pan will have enough residual heat to cook the other side, and you don’t want to over cook.  Everyone has their own preference for eggs, and for scrambled I prefer firm yet soft.  I do not like when the inside is still runny, a problem a lot of kitchens have when they are busy.  Take the time to make sure eggs are done right before you send them out. I don’t want to cut into an omelette and have raw egg pour out.  Gross!  It is very simple, and they are so easy to cook.  Once flipped,  that is about it, ready to slid onto a plate and enjoy!!

Perfectly cooked Scrambled eggs


Now the speaks of black pepper are very pronounced and there is a nice sheen from the butter.  Perfection!!