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Pork Chop and Cous Cous

So my friend Nathan over at McCalls Meat and Fish got a whole pig last week, a whole delicious Heritage pig.  A whole pig that he broke down and I was able to procure Two Pork Chops.  Two amazingly fantastic Pork Chops.

I thought, as you should, if I am starting with an Uber Fantastic piece of meat, LET THE MEAT SPEAK!  Don’t get all fancy pants and make all kinds of sauces and reductions etc…..

The meat is the star! Let the meat sing.  Let is talk to your taste-buds, with only a little accompaniment.

So with this in mind I just made a simple little rub for the chops.  I had two kinds of really nice smoked salt.  Some just as nice whole black,red and green peppercorns.  Put these guys all together in my grinder and sprinkled on top.  Added a little paprika, cayenne, garlic salt and ground thyme.  Rubbed them all onto the meat and let them rest at room temperature for a bit.  Turned the oven on a low setting, 250. Put them in a roasting pan and let them go for about 70 minutes.

In the meantime I got just a simple box of Israeli cous cous and sauteed in olive oil.  Added boiling water and let it soak up the water on low on the stove-top.  After most was soaked in, but the cous weren’t done I added more hot water, some Heirloom cherry tomatoes, and some Spinach.  As this water was cooked in, I then added some Walnut Oil, let this all cook together, added some really really good flake salt, cracked black pepper, little chipotle Tabasco and ground curry.

Right before it was done, I added some butter and some spinach and a little Spanish cheese.  Let it all sit together and after it all sits together the flavors come out stellar!